Amy Gilbert - PreSchool 4/5

Mrs. Amy is the Pre-K 4/5 classroom teacher. She has been working with children off and on for four years and is looking into starting the process of attaining her CDA this year. Her main goal is to make sure all students leave her class with all knowledge and social interaction needed to have a successful Kindergarten year. Some of those skills are learning their address and telephone number, letter sound and recognition, patterns, calendar, numbers, and cutting and coloring. Mrs. Amy teaches these things using many different interactive strategies and corporative play. Mrs. Amy also starts introducing students to a more class like structure / routine while making sure they still have plenty of time for imaginative play. She does this by working with students in a mixture of whole group settings, small group settings, and one on one. Using One in Christ Curriculum, she digs deeper into bible stories showing how we can apply the lessons to our own life while emphasizing the love and forgiveness of Jesus and then reinforces this curriculum by participating in our weekly chapel.

5001 Trotwood Ave, Columbia, TN 38401