Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church


Trinity Lutheran Church is affiliated with a group of roughly 6000 other Lutheran churches in America and some 30 groupings of Lutheran churches in other countries that hold to a common set of beliefs regarding what the Bible teaches. These commonly held beliefs or convictions are drawn directly from the literal teachings of the Bible and further clarified in a collection of writings from the 16th century called The Book of Concord. To get the full set of details, visit the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod website which gives you all you could possibly want to know.


As we gather as individual Christians, we expect of one another a certain basic understanding of all the beliefs held in the Bible and The Book of Concord. Folks who affiliate with our congregation and call it their spiritual home publicly acknowledge:

  • The Bible is the Word of God and is without error.
  • Jesus is true God and true man.
  • His death was a sacrifice for our sin and moral failure.
  • He in fact rose with His body after being dead three days.
  • Our hope of eternal life and the renewal of our lives here and now begins with a simple faith that Jesus is who He said He is and what He did really accomplished what He said it would - our sins are forgiven and our life with God is restored. In other words, no work or goodness or power of ours could set us right with God. God set us right with Him when we were powerless to do anything.
  • Jesus will return and history as we know it will end.
  • There is an eternal punishment for those who reject God without repenting of that rejection.
  • God created everything there is.
  • The Christian Church is the place where God speaks and His beloved human creations hears His voice.
  • Baptism and the Lord's Supper/Eucharist/Holy Communion are very special means by which God imparts to each of us this forgiveness we so desperately need but so completely cannot obtain by ourselves.

Welcome Letter from Pastor Bill


With at least a trillion pages on the Internet (CNN Tech, Sept 12, 2011), it’s really a miracle that you found this one! Since you’re here, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the website of Trinity Lutheran Church in Columbia, TN and tell you just a little bit about who we are.


How can I describe our community to you in one hundred words or less? The easiest way to tell you who we are is to tell you why we exist. Trinity is a group of imperfect and broken people, made that way by sin, who have been adopted by a God who heals our ravaged lives through the forgiving love He shows us through His Son, Jesus Christ. Trinity exists because God makes us a family— a tribe united by His Spirit!


But God’s plan isn’t complete with just us! His family in this place is nowhere full. Perhaps that’s why He brought you to this page– so you would know that there’s room for you here in the Trinity tribe!


What kind of “tribe” are we? First, we’re devoted to KNOWING CHRIST!  After all, with a God who loves us so completely that He would die on a cross to save us from the punishment our sins deserve, it’s no wonder that we would want to know more about Him! And our gracious God is more than delighted to reveal Himself to us, meeting us in His living word and His precious gifts of Baptism and Holy Communion.


And every time He meets us in these sacred spaces, He radically changes us so we might be a blessing to others! That’s why Trinity is also a family that’s devoted to SERVING CHRIST by serving people! The very love He pours into our lives is so abundant that it can’t help but overflow into the lives of those around us! We experience this miracle-of-miracles every time we serve our community with helping hands and humble hearts.


And what better way is there to share the Savior’s love with others than by sharing the good news of His Gospel with them? That’s why Trinity is a tribe devoted to MAKING CHRIST KNOWN TO ALL! The life of Jesus showed us that genuine love is comprised of two things: 1) action accompanied by 2) truth! And so we follow His lead— loving our community through simple acts of kindness while proclaiming Jesus’ powerful words of deliverance....deliverance that only He can provide!


If you’re looking for a new church family, why not come for a visit and see if Trinity is the one for you? I pray that it is! May the joy of Jesus accompany you on your journey?

Pastor Bill

5001 Trotwood Ave, Columbia, TN 38401